2015 Newbie

This is, as indicated by the title, a new endeavor for me. I have decided to explore the world of “Blogging”. I don’t feel that I have anything new or better to contribute to the world of writers and readers but so many are blogging and enjoying it, I thought I’d give it a try. That’s one of the liberating things about the world wide web and the user friendly way it’s been adapted to engage and inspire; we can, with anonymity or not, raise our voice with words to the world regardless of who, if anyone, listens.

My hope is to take everyday observations of human nature…and mother nature… and write down what I find inspiring, frustrating, perplexing, or just interesting enough to pass along. I will also pass along anything I hear or read that creates a conversation in my head just so I can just get it out and off the turn-table in my brain. I will try to be mindful but I can’t promise that I won’t ‘push (someones) buttons’ because it seems that buttons are so darn easy to push in the 21st century. Everything and everyone has at least one button and it’s a sensitive one. So, I will apologize ‘write’ here first if someone takes offense at anything I write. It isn’t my intention but it will happen.

Since this is the beginning of a new year, the annual resolutions begin and I have made a few of my own. I thought if I used a broad brush stroke on this 2015 blank canvas I’m apt to accomplish a few of them. The first is; I have decided to take steps to leave my comfort zone and try new things. As I mentioned earlier, blogging has made the list. I didn’t even have a thought to do it before the first week of the new year. I was reading a blog, enjoyed it, clicked to ‘follow’ and the next thing I know, I am signing up to create a blog! And, as fate would have it, one of the first blogs that popped up on my (home page?) is a class about how to blog – successfully. We’ll see about that. Personally I think it takes some talent and something worthy of putting on ‘paper’.

Other thoughts of new year’s resolutions: when I asked many people, what, if any, resolutions they made, they  commented, “I didn’t bother. I never stick to it anyway.” That’s a good resolution, no resolution. But why don’t we make choices that we really want to succeed and set a realistic time-table? My resolutions were pretty broad, as I said; i.e. make better food choices – instead of, lose weight or diet. If I practice being more aware of what I am not doing (some daily exercise like walking) or what I am choosing to put in my mouth, then the healthy diet or weight loss will follow and I can still choose to eat ice cream or not walk if that’s my conscious decision and it is not ruining my ‘resolution’.

We don’t have to wait 365 days to ‘start with a clean slate’, everyday is an opportunity to start over. And this is another of my ‘resolutions’…be mindful everyday, at the end of the day, find at least one thing to appreciate and then forgive myself where I exercised my human flaws – I can start the next day fresh.

I want to say to any readers out there: Happy New Year & Happy New Day!




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